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Our traditional wooden Windows are all handmade . Our business is entirely based on cost effective, made to order Windows that are installed  around Bath and other surrounding areas.

Sash Windows
Made to Order

handmade sash windows ,with Our experience of listed buildings and the challenges they bring, mean we understand the importance of quality, we are able to replicate sash windows to match there original period aesthetic.


What makes a good sash window ?

Sash windows have been a visual signature of Bath from the very day the beautiful city was populated. well made and maintained Sash windows will last and remain draft free.


 The choice of wood, cutting, measuring and construction is essential to ensure the window is aesthetically pleasing and period correct but also functional and long lasting.

Need help ?

Just contact us via the contact us page, call or email. We are happy to advise and talk you through the process of deciding what is best for you.

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